Green Cures & Botanical Distribution Inc. (OTC:GRCU): The Hemp Web-based Revenue Generating Company


Green Cures & Botanical Distribution Inc., (OTC:GRCU) is revenue-generating company that wholesales and retails hemp-infused nutritional, botanical, sports, and body care products. The company is currently Web-based and focuses on online retailing. Green Cures & Botanical Distribution Inc., operates a diverse portfolio of products and services within the botanical and cannabis industry, as permitted by law. From concept to production to distribution, Green Cures & Botanical Distribution Inc., is continuously creating and introducing products that promote a healthy life style.

The company has already begun warehousing its existing Hollywood Hemp products in both the Detroit and Tampa-metro areas. This will help the company expand and reach both Midwestern and East Coast markets, in addition to the company’s already strong position on the West Coast. The warehouses being used by GRCU are specifically for hemp, CBD, and other cannabis-based products, and the company can leverage their expertise and industry contacts to strengthen their sales and distribution pipeline.

Last year, Green Cures and Botanical Distribution Inc. (OTC PINK: GRCU has entered discussions with leading CBD brands. Following up on previous discussion about potential entry into the CBD market, the company determined that the timing is great for entering the CBD space, as more states seek to legalize the substance over the coming years.

Working with CBD industry veterans and seasoned experts will give Green Cures the opportunity to quickly get up to speed and develop profitable new product lines, along with new distribution channels.

Two of the CBD/Hemp companies GRCU is in discussions with are well-known, publicly traded companies with strong financial backing and established, steadily growing customer bases. The company is also in talks with several private companies as well. The fact that these potential partners have already found success in this industry bodes very well for any business alliances that may arise.

Discussions include details about white labeling new products, co-branded development efforts, bringing hemp and CBD-based products to new retail locations, joining together to source in bulk at lower cost per unit, and developing stronger e-commerce sales platforms that benefit all parties.

The company is making entry into the CBD space a high priority, and will be working diligently to move multiple deals through over the coming months.


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